This documentation is separated in three main parts:
  • template/ folder, which contains documentation about wemake-vue-template. This folder should be in sync with the latest version in the upstream. You do not need to modify it on most of the times
  • project/ folder, contains documentation specific to your project. Feel free to add anything to it
  • documents/ folder contains binary files, such as: images, MS Word documents, and spreadsheets

Where to go next

If you don't know how this project is structured, consider reading through architecture section. It will give you a brief overview of everything we have inside this project.
Or if you are familiar with this structure, you can jump start reading these docs from the development part.


We use gitbook to build and host our documentation. Make sure to create an account there to store your own copy.
The configuration can be found here.
To build a local version of docs, run: npm run docs:build. You can always preview the docs live with npm run docs:serve.
If you want to add new pages, change order or rename something, go to

Updating template

After you start a project with this template it very easy to catch up with the latest changes.
All you have to do is:
  1. 1.
    Go to your file and find an update link
  2. 2.
    You will see a diff of what has changed since your template version
  3. 3.
    Pick things you need from the latest changes
  4. 4.
    Replace commit hashes in with the current commit hash from master branch in the template repo
Come back for more updates!
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