GitLab CI

We use GitLab to store our code and GitLab CI to run tests.
We use GitLab CI to build our containers, test it, and store them in the internal registry.
These images are then pulled into the production servers.

Usage with GitHub

You can store your code inside GitHub with no problems. Just learn how to configure GitLab CI to be used with GitHub.


All configuration is done inside .gitlab-ci.yml.


We have two pipelines configured: for master and other branches. That's how it works: we only run testing for feature branches and do the whole building/testing/deploying process for the master branch.
This allows us to speed up the development process.

Secret variables

If some real secret variables are required, then you can use GitLab secrets. And these kinds of variables are required most of the time.
See on how to use dump-env and gitlab-ci together.

Further reading

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